On May 8, 2012 the Newton-Wellesley Lower Falls Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge officially opened, linking Concord Street in Lower Falls to Washington Street in Wellesley.   Thanks to the efforts of Representative Kay Khan, an old railroad was renovated with state funds from the Accelerated Bridge program.  Two additional pedestrian and bicycle bridges linking Newton and Wellesley at Riverside Park and at the Lasell boat house are also being repaired under the Accelerated Bridge Program.

The Lower Falls Improvement Association Beautification Committee has agreed to work with the Department of Conservation and Recreation to maintain and improve the approach to the bridge from Concord St.  This effort began in the fall of 2012 with the planting of daffodil bulbs.

On the Wellesley side of the river, walkers can connect to the Charles River Path and Crosstown Trail which are part of the extensive Wellesley trail network

Wellesley Trails Map

Newton Tab article:

Old Bridge


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New Bridge