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March 3, 2012

The Community Center renovation work is close to completion. The LFIA was able to use a room for the Halloween party. Judy Dore at Parks has assigned another building manager and assistant to run the LFCC because Bob Jones quit. I’ve met and spoken with the new staff. Expect some disruption during the transition, and a few new rules. Please contact me, if you need help with getting a room.

The Transportation Advisory Group (TAG) was supposed to present a Newton Pedestrian Master Plan to us. Unfortunately, TAG had to postpone because of Wednesday’s Austin Street meeting. The six qualified developers will be presenting their visions for Austin Street in the NNHS cafeteria. TAG members and the City’s Director of Transportation need to attend the meeting. I offered Thursday, November 14th @7pm as an alternative date, but I have not heard back from them. Please let me know if you could make a Nov 14th meeting. Based on conversations I’ve had with Alicia Bowman (TAG Pedestrian Coordinator), the presentation will include discussion about local sidewalk conditions, and the snow ordinance. I informed her that post-development Grove Street/Riverside pedestrian concerns will be on people’s minds. If TAG cannot come that night, I’d still like to use it for our next Board meeting.

The LFCC renovation work is supposed to be complete by November 15th. Our Fall LFIA General meeting will be Thursday, November 21st at 7:30pm. Please let me know if you can make it. If you have an item that should be on the agenda, please let me know.

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