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In the late 1980s a group of Lower Falls neighbors became alarmed when several of the large shade trees around Hamilton Park needed to be removed.  They joined together as the Beautification Committee of the Lower Falls Improvement Association and launched a massive effort to plant trees of diverse species around the park.  While a few of the old sugar maples and white pines remain, the trees planted in the early 1990s now define the landscape of the park.  Several of these trees were planted in honor of Lower Falls residents or their family members.  Former Alderman Dick McGrath helped install an irrigation system for the new trees, and in 1992 Newton Girls Soccer provided funds for a well and irrigation system for the playing fields.   The Beautification Committee has also installed benches in honor of Lower Falls residents.

Hamilton Park Memorial Trees and Benches

While continuing to focus on Hamilton Park, the Beautification Committee has also adopted public spaces in other parts of the neighborhood including the Hagar/Grove intersection and the Concord Road entrance to the Lower Falls Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge.

Areas adopted by Lower Falls Improvement Association Beautification Committee

The Beautification Committee coordinates with Newton Parks and Recreation to organize regular planting days at Hamilton Park or other public spaces in the neighborhood.  Volunteers are always welcome.

If you have ideas for beautification projects or would like to help, please contact Steve Melly at

The Lower Falls Improvement Association accepts donations dedicated to the Beautification Committee.  These donations are used to purchase trees, plants, compost, mulch and other supplies for planting days.